Camouflage Shoelaces – Socks Covered in Camo Print


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Fabric shoelaces covered in Camouflage.

We make these shoelaces from Camo Fabric - these are a great way of jazzing up any shoe. High Tops and Low Tops.

One Pair of Shoelaces.

What Length to Buy?
Best to measure your existing laces, however, for some shoelace length recommendations please see the image. . .

36" - Junior Low Tops (approx age 6-11) 4-5 eyelets / Also adult traditional Vans low tops
45" - Adult Low Top Converse (approx age 11+) 5-6 eyelets / Also tween low tops
54" - Adult High Top or low top for large feet 6-7 eyelets

Additional information

Choose a Length

Adult High Tops – 54", Adult Low Tops – 45", Junior – 36"


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